Let Me Put This So That Even You Lefties Can Understand!

Contraception is NOT women’s healthcare.

There are drugs that were developed for contraception that are legitimately being used for other medicinal purposes, just like aspirin is used for more than headaches.  In the case of these medicines, they should be paid for, by the insurance, under the same terms as any other medication.  That is the answer to the ONLY valid point that Fluke made in her testimony.

However, contraception and abortion are not “women’s healthcare”.   Nor are these drugs and services “rights”.  The fact that we are suggesting that any need for free contraception is a “right,” ignores so many other things that are far more important.  Food and shelter are real needs, and are far more important needs than contraception.  Just because there is a need, does not make it a right.

Who will pay for this “free” contraception and abortion drugs and services?  If we are to provide them someone must pay for them.  Doctors and drug companies will go broke if they provide them free.  The government cannot pay for them. The government is teetering on the brink of unrecoverable, and cannot possibly pay for this frivolity without passing the cost on to us few taxpayers.  You have no right to expect to redistribute my earnings to pay for people to have safe sex.

This country was founded on concepts that require self-reliance and self-responsibility.  People who do not take responsibility for themselves lose their dignity and self-respect.  People who lose their dignity and self-respect become suicides, or criminals, or politicians—but I repeat myself—or suicides.

We, the taxpayers, are the primary source of revenue for the government. Payroll taxes and Individual income taxes account for more than 80% of the US revenue.  Considering that in 2011, 46% of families will pay no income tax, there is already a heavy burden on us taxpayers.

Insurance companies cannot, and would not if they could, pick up the slack.  If the burden is left to them, they will pass it on to the consumers who pay the premiums.

Contrary to the popular belief over there on the left, there is no more money tree.  This Administration has picked the last leaves for QE1 & QE2.  This transcends Conservative or Liberal ideologies and enters the realm of stark reality.  If this is too difficult a concept, get someone to explain it to you.

Nothing is free.  You should get used to that whole idea.  It sure would help the country with this crisis.


Dear Madame Secretary: An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

There has been quite a furor over President Obama’s apology.  I read where you whined:

“I find it somewhat troubling that our politics would inflame such a dangerous situation in Afghanistan. It was the right thing to do to have our president on record as saying this was not intentional, we deeply regret it … We are hoping that voices inside Afghanistan will join that of President Karzai and others in speaking out to try to calm the situation … It is out of hand and it needs to stop.”

To recap:

  • WE: inadvertently burned a number of Korans. We did not do this to make a statement about their religion. (Remember that these were BOOKS, not people!)
  • THEY: killed two people (notice the absence of the word inadvertently?) in retaliation—not the first time this has happened.
  • WE: apologized and promised that we would investigate and punish those responsible.
  • THEY: … (insert strained silence here)

Although nothing we say, or do, will calm this incident, a formal written apology is not indicated.  First, it will not help.  Second, please remember that we were not the ones to pour gasoline on the embers of hatred smoldering between our two cultures on September 11, 2001.

What we needed was not a formal letter of apology, but a simple statement of the facts.  By now, you should have learned from past incidents that these apologies do not do anything to make these situations better.  All an apology does is further fan the flames.  These people do not hate us because of a few burned books.  They just hate us because their religion says they must.

That you could be so naive as to believe that Hamid Karzai is not somehow complicit in many of these atrocities, and that the Afghani are truly our allies, indicates to me that you are not intelligent enough to empty the trash at State, much less negotiate for ANYTHING on behalf of this country.  If you are the representative sample of what we should expect from this Administration, you should get completely stomped in this upcoming election, and fade into the obscurity you so richly deserve.

Enough run-on sentences.

The President should have just appeared on Weak-ass Washington—The Obama Reality Show (network TV news) and simply explained that the burning was inadvertent, and that no statement was being made regarding Islam—with NO APOLOGY.  Then SHUT UP! Actually, SHUT UP would have accomplished the same thing, and left the President with at least a shred of something that resembles dignity.

We owe these people NO APOLOGIES!  They destroyed our towers, killed innocent citizens, killed more citizens at every incident that could be misconstrued as (made to look like) a show of disrespect, waged war on Israel (THEY are our allies—Check with the State Department),

To be certain that credit is given where due, Karzai did appeal to his people to remain calm.  Is there a letter from him, apologizing for the people KILLED in retaliation for the incident?  I didn’t think so.  Is this the act of someone who returns our support?  When do we stop apologizing to people who would see us destroyed?  Islam is NOT a religion of peace.  Do the research, or get someone to read it to you.

I will side with the President when he treats his own professed religion with the same deference as he pays to Islam.  Despite all rumors regarding his faith, President Obama describes himself as a “Christian by Choice” in a televised interview on 9/28/2011 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOOCABMz6jg).  However, his war on First Amendment religious freedom is another subject for another post.

We might not be formally at war with these people.  However, make no mistake, they are formally at war with US!  Any intelligent person should realize by now that they will not rest until all of the infidels (that’s us) are destroyed, and the world is Islam.

With all that in mind, it is time for President Obama to stop apologizing FOR America, and apologize TO America.  Remember us?  The people he was elected to SERVE (not rule)!

Wake UP! Don’t Get Cooked In the Squat!

The current battle between the Obama Administration and the Catholic Church is not just about the Catholics, or any single religion, nor is it about contraception, abortion.  This is an intentional direct assault on our rights as defined in the First Amendment!

We have allowed the Administration to frame this issue as an “Attack on Religion.”  The media have picked up the ball, defending the Administration (please raise your hand if you are surprised?), and demonizing (pun intended) the Catholic Church.

President Obama is not stupid.  This was the plan all along.  He realized that if he made the Catholics appear to be the bad guys, that the shrill, yammerheaded lemmings (make that read “Liberals”) would whine, and cry out, Women will suffer! ” “The callous and uncaring Church would deny women their RIGHTS to insurance that would pay for contraception and abortion!”  “The evil Religious Right!

The President realizes that, if he wins this battle, under these terms, it will be almost impossible to repeal Obamacare, thus tarnishing, if not destroying his legacy.   A win here would almost certainly activate the Liberal voters, and set  us up for another four years. Imagine another Obama presidency…

If he is successful in this encroachment on religious rights, and in re-election, what will be next?  Freedom of the Press?  Freedom of Speech?  There goes the entire First Amendment!  If we lose the First Amendment, we lose the ability to speak out against any outrage. Period.  So, he hides the real issues behind this fight with the Catholics.

So, call me a conspiracy theorist.  You would be wrong, but I will that bear that mantle, if necessary.  Just think about it, though.  Examine closely what you know about this President.  His divisive strategies.  His secret dealings.  His apologies to those who would see us destroyed.  His propensity toward destructive deficit spending.

Do you really believe his intentions are pure?  Can you look me in the eye and tell me that he would not assume the role of despot, and that his present policies are designed to lead anywhere else?

You there!  Yes, you-sleeping in the back!  Wake UP!  Stay after school and clean erasers!  Now, pay attention!

The path to tyranny in this country, will be slow and painstaking.  Sudden changes lead to revolution.  Remember that Britain spanked us hard and often.  Sudden change is intolerable.  But we have already accepted several incursions on our rights, as clearly defined in the Constitution.

Zig Ziglar tells a story about a frog.  If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, he’ll leap right out to save himself.  What you do is put him into a pot of cold water, and gradually raise the heat. By the time he realizes the water is boiling, he squats to jump, but gets cooked in the squat.  Think about it.


Why Politics Belongs In Polite Conversation.

It is politicians who gave politics a bad name.  It was intentional.

If politics is a sore subject, we wont talk about it.

If we don’t talk about it, we won’t pay attention to it.

If we don’t pay attention to it, politicians may do whatever they want.

Look where we are now, because politicians can do whatever they want.

Sex, Politics & Religion are the three taboo subjects in polite, casual conversation.  Wait! The Administration is trying to regulate all three!  If we continue to remain silent, we will lose all three.  Where do we go from here?

It is time to take a stand.  It is just this simple:  If we give in to the Administration on the contraception fight, we will sacrifice a large chunk of our freedom of religious expression.  If we give up religious expression, next will be freedom of the press.  When that is gone, they will come after freedom of speech.

That will nullify the First Amendment, and if we give up freedom of speech, we will have sacrificed our ability to speak out against anything else they want to do.

Look up the definition of tyranny.  Really. Look it up.