Why Politics Belongs In Polite Conversation.

It is politicians who gave politics a bad name.  It was intentional.

If politics is a sore subject, we wont talk about it.

If we don’t talk about it, we won’t pay attention to it.

If we don’t pay attention to it, politicians may do whatever they want.

Look where we are now, because politicians can do whatever they want.

Sex, Politics & Religion are the three taboo subjects in polite, casual conversation.  Wait! The Administration is trying to regulate all three!  If we continue to remain silent, we will lose all three.  Where do we go from here?

It is time to take a stand.  It is just this simple:  If we give in to the Administration on the contraception fight, we will sacrifice a large chunk of our freedom of religious expression.  If we give up religious expression, next will be freedom of the press.  When that is gone, they will come after freedom of speech.

That will nullify the First Amendment, and if we give up freedom of speech, we will have sacrificed our ability to speak out against anything else they want to do.

Look up the definition of tyranny.  Really. Look it up.


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