Let Me Put This So That Even You Lefties Can Understand!

Contraception is NOT women’s healthcare.

There are drugs that were developed for contraception that are legitimately being used for other medicinal purposes, just like aspirin is used for more than headaches.  In the case of these medicines, they should be paid for, by the insurance, under the same terms as any other medication.  That is the answer to the ONLY valid point that Fluke made in her testimony.

However, contraception and abortion are not “women’s healthcare”.   Nor are these drugs and services “rights”.  The fact that we are suggesting that any need for free contraception is a “right,” ignores so many other things that are far more important.  Food and shelter are real needs, and are far more important needs than contraception.  Just because there is a need, does not make it a right.

Who will pay for this “free” contraception and abortion drugs and services?  If we are to provide them someone must pay for them.  Doctors and drug companies will go broke if they provide them free.  The government cannot pay for them. The government is teetering on the brink of unrecoverable, and cannot possibly pay for this frivolity without passing the cost on to us few taxpayers.  You have no right to expect to redistribute my earnings to pay for people to have safe sex.

This country was founded on concepts that require self-reliance and self-responsibility.  People who do not take responsibility for themselves lose their dignity and self-respect.  People who lose their dignity and self-respect become suicides, or criminals, or politicians—but I repeat myself—or suicides.

We, the taxpayers, are the primary source of revenue for the government. Payroll taxes and Individual income taxes account for more than 80% of the US revenue.  Considering that in 2011, 46% of families will pay no income tax, there is already a heavy burden on us taxpayers.

Insurance companies cannot, and would not if they could, pick up the slack.  If the burden is left to them, they will pass it on to the consumers who pay the premiums.

Contrary to the popular belief over there on the left, there is no more money tree.  This Administration has picked the last leaves for QE1 & QE2.  This transcends Conservative or Liberal ideologies and enters the realm of stark reality.  If this is too difficult a concept, get someone to explain it to you.

Nothing is free.  You should get used to that whole idea.  It sure would help the country with this crisis.